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3 Day 2 Night

The 3 Day 2 Night Snorkeling Nusa Penida Package is a Nusa Penida Snorkeling Tour Package designed for tourists who want to stay longer, enjoy the charm of Nusa Penida as a whole and indulge in every snorkeling spot in Nusa Penida. Tourist attractions visited 3 Day 2 Night Snorkeling Package Nusa Penida


- Diamond Beach

- Atuh Beach (Atuh Beach)

- Tree House (Molenteng)

- Thousand Islands (King of Five)

- Teletubies Hill (Teletubies Hill)

- Giri Putri Temple/ Cave Temple (Giri Putri Temple)


- Broken Beach (Pasih Uug)

- Angel's Billabong

- Klingking Beach

- Paluang Cliff

- Crystal Bay Beach (Sunset Panorama)


- Tour Land : Guyangan Waterfall or Temeling Forest

- Special for Snorkeling, Toya Pakeh / Crystal Bay Snorkeling Place (Maximum 3 spots / location. If you add a snorkeling location, the cost will increase)

- Wall: see coral reefs with colorful small fish

- Jetty Point see Jetty's little fish

- Gamat Bay has small caves and crevices on the seabed with small fish and coral reefs, and beautiful coral mounds

Choose Hotel

Villa Apit Lawang


Unicorn Bungalow


Sentulan Garden Villa


Putri Residen Villa


Rate Publikasi

  • 6 Participants USD 110 Per Person
  • 5 Participants USD 120 Per Person
  • 4 Participants USD 140 Per Person
  • 3 Participants USD 155 Per Person
  • 2 Participants USD 175 Per Person
  • A minimum of 2 (two) adult per booking is required
  • Child; 5-10 year old
  • Child under 5 years old are complimentary
  • The tour are in private, that mean there is no other participant, just only you and your companio
Top Highlights
Tour Schedule
What to Bring

Top Highlights

  • Visit all of the most stunning spots in Nusa Penida and get amazing photos at each one! Don’t worry, our guides are great at getting those angles!
  • Have your own private tour guide and driver for the day who will be keen to share their local knowledge with you. Our Nusa Penida tour packages are renowned for taking you to the most beautiful spots and teaching you about the culture at the same time.
  • This Nusa Penida Instagram tour is all-inclusive so no need to worry about spending additional money on lunch, entrance fees etc. - we’ve got you covered!

Tour Schedule

Day 1

  • 07.15 WITA Meeting Point at Sanur Beach (confirm attendance at partner boat counters/stands)
  • 08.00 WITA Depart to Nusa Penida by Speedboat
  • 08.45 WITA Arrive at Nusa Penida Island. Driver ready to pick up with guest nameplate
  • 10.00 WITA Arrive at Object 1. Diamond Beach with a view of diamond beach seen from the top of the hill/hiking to the beach
  • 10.30 WITA Arrive at the second object Atuh Beach with a beach that has a unique atoll shaped like a sleeping tyrannosaur
  • 11.30 WITA Arrive at the third object of the Melonteng Tree House, a selfie spot with a backdrop of a view of a group of islands in the Raja lima sea of ​​Nusa Penida
  • 12.00 WITA Arrive at the fourth object, Pulau Seribu (King five), a group of small islands such as Raja 4 Papua
  • 13.00 WITA Lunch
  • 14.30 WITA Arriving at the fifth object of Teletubies Hill, a stretch of small green hills like Teletubies Hill
  • 15.45 WITA The location of the sixth object is Giri Putri Cave, a unique cave where the entrance is only the size of an adult's body but inside is very wide
  • 17.00 WIT Back to hotel
  • 18.30 WIT Dinner

Day 2

  • 07.15 WITA Breakfast at Hotel
  • 08.00 WITA Depart from the hotel to continue the tour
  • 09.00 WITA Arriving at the first object of Broken Beach, see the uniqueness of the beach with a cliff with a hole in the middle
  • 09.30 WITA Arriving at the second object, Angel Bilabong watched the natural swimming pool from the sea water
  • 14.45 WITA Arrived Location of the third object of Paluang cliff, selfie spot with pinky beach background
  • 15.00 WITA Arrive at the fourth location of Kelingking Beach, go down the pinky hill which is shaped like a dinosaur head to reach the little finger beach
  • 17.00WITA Arrive at the fifth location of Crystal Bay to see a panoramic sunset or take a swimming activity at the beach
  • 18.00 WITA Back to hotel
  • 18.30 WITA Dinner at hotel/restaurant


  • 07.15 WITA Breakfast at Hotel
  • 07.30 WITA Depart from Hotel to continue Snorkeling
  • 08.00 WITA Arrive at Toya Pakeh to start snorkeling at three predetermined snorkeling spots
  • 13.00 WITA Lunch
  • 13. 30 WITA Depart to continue the tour to Guyangan Waterfall
  • 14.30 WITA Arrive at Guyangan Springs
  • 16.00 WITA Back to Pier
  • 16.30 WITA Return to Sanur Beach by Speedboard
  • 17.30 WITA Arrive at Sanur beach


  • Private Round-Trip Transportation From Your Hotel
  • Round-Trip Fast Boat Ticket
  • Entrance Tickets to All Tourist Attractions
  • private Snorkling & private Car
  • Experienced Local Driver/Tour Guide and Photographer
  • Full day Tor for 1 day (08.00 – 18.30).
  • Lunch at local restaurant
  • Breakfast at hotel
  • Dinner at local Resto
  • Welcome drink mineral water
  • The cost of renting snorkeling equipment, boat (when snorkeling) and snorkeling guides, documentation under water.
  • Day I Full Day Tour (08.45 – 17.00)
  • Day II Full Day Tour (08.00 – 17.00)
  • Day III Tour + Snorkeling (08.00 – 16.30)

What to Bring

  • Shoes & sandals
  • Camera
  • Towel & bathing suit
  • Your smil


  • Booking can be from now or at least 1 day in advance.
  • Times and attractions usually can be customized to fit your request (just let us know)
  • Times above are subject to change due to local conditions
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